H a n n e l o r e   W i n t e r

Hannelore Winter

* 1954 in Schaitz / Kulmbach

Ettenhoferstrasse 41
D-82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

+49 8141 290 663
+49 8141 290 664
Artistically operating since 1982
Shared exhibitions (selection):
Munich, Haus der Kunst
Munich, Deutsches Museum - Forum der Technik
Bayreuth, Eremitage
Konstanz, Konzil
Independent exhibitions:
Theater Simmelsdorfer Mühle
Nürnberg, Galerie am Theater

Daniel Roth

... One must have aptitude in order to paint realistically. For this is sufficient talent not only desired but necessary. Hannelore Winter's paintings demonstrate, in addition to such talent, her own unique surrealistic visions. Despite lack of understanding on the part of "abstract" painters, Hannelore Winter continues to be steadfast in her commitment to her work. It would be a pity if such talent remained unknown ...

... Hannelore Winter has a special eye for the effects of light and shadow - exactly that, which lends a painting its sense of space ...

Uwe Grossu, Galerie am Theater, Nürnberg

... The oil paintings of Hannelore Winter (Fürstenfeldbruck) are the most artistically convincing: she paints small scenes in nearly photo-realistic style, and in doing so she directs the observer's view towards objects that evoke associations with personal situations or that awaken the emotions. ...

Klaus Rimpel, Süddeutsche Zeitung

... In terms of representational uniformity, Hannelore Winter's imagery is non-conformist: there is the concrete "Kakteen", a brilliantly painted still-life with a background in anthracite tones; "Rauhbank" shines, externally illuminated, out of a black background; the Italian no-parking sign rusts away, as do three other technical gadgets, whose former function remains uncertain for the art historian.

What I see in them, as an art historian, are pictures of transience and of the decay of former function; images of aging and of falling out of use. But somehow these are also pictures of ourselves. Shifted images, as it were, that make something invisible in and about us, visible. ...

... The artist, therefore, truly imposes a task upon us, through which we may not only find answers, but ask questions as well: Was wordplay the starting point for these paintings? Is technology witchcraft? Does it replace human action? Can magic overcome reality?

But with her paintings, Hannelore Winter also questions the true value of those things that we meet with day in and day out. Thus she changes our way of seeing and draws attention to the details, which without art, would remain hidden in all that we see. ...

Dr. Claus Pese, Germanisches Nationalmuseum